June 1, 2010

memperkenalkan Jabulani

akhirnya ada jugak masa untuk aku update blog ni yang dah lama aku tinggalkan. dan nampak gayanya ramai jugak yang berminat nak beli blog aku ni. tapi bila aku pikir2 balik, aku batalkan hajat aku tu. sayang beb nak jual. okay. kali ni aku nak cakap pasal bola pulak.

Adidas baru2 ini memperkenalkan bola rasmi yang bakal diguna sepak untuk kejohanan Piala Dunia 2010 di Afrika Selatan beberapa hari lagi. bola ini merupakan bola yang ke-11 diperkenalkan oleh adidas untuk edisi piala dunia dan ia diberi nama Jabulani. kedengaran agak lucu bagi aku. baik letak nama ayahpin lagi sedap kot.

amacam? cun x?
sejak ia diperkenalkan dan telah mula digunakan oleh pemain2 dalam sesi latihan untuk membiasakan diri dengan bola ini, macam2 komen negatif diterima dan pihak adidas dengan tenang membidas dakwaan2 pemain dan pengurus pasukan yang pelbagai itu.
berikut merupakan komen2 daripada pemain2 yang sempat aku temu ramah:

Julio Cesar (Brazil):

“It’s terrible, horrible, It’s like one of those balls you buy in the supermarket.”

Hugo Lloris (France):

"This ball is a disaster. We played with it in the Coupe de France this winter. We must get used to it.All goalkeepers will be well under pressure. We will each share of madness. In fact, I don't ask myself this question. I just know that with this kind of ball they can score from anywhere.What is strange is that these balls, when they are in the air, may very well never come down, or they could descend very quickly.Goalkeepers must be constantly alert, constantly analyzing.

Marcus Hahnemann (USA):

"It's horse[crap], It's the worst soccer ball I've ever played with because it's plastic and feels like [crap] when it comes off your foot. It moves like crazy. Like a cross.

Pazzini (Italy):

"The new balls are a disaster. It's not only a problem for goalkeepers, but also for us strikers.

"When a cross comes in, you go to head the ball, but it moves half a meter and you end up just shaving it on contact."

Iker Casillas (Spain):
"It’s a little sad that in a competition as big as the World Cup to have such a poor ball. It’s not just the goalkeepers complaining, but the outfield players as well."

Fabiano (Brazil):
“It’s like someone else is controlling the ball, it suddenly changes direction”

David James (England):
"The ball is dreadful. It is horrible, but I suppose it is horrible for everyone. You saw that from Frank Lampard's free-kick in the first half against Japan, which dipped wickedly, so it will be interesting."

Buffon (Italy):
“The trajectory is really unpredictable.”

bunyi macam sampah je bola ni. apa komen anda?
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