March 27, 2009

Muzikal Malaya Movement

i just copy this from our myspace. So, do add us at
and be our fren.

thanks for the approval and for your pleasure for being our friend. really glad to be listed in your honour friend list. until now, we are still adding up new friends and make some new pal. just want to share some info and to let you guys know what we are doing. we are moving in a community and trying to do something that can help our community's member such as online sales of merchandise and EP, promotion about bands in our list of friends and organize some event maybe. our main purpose is to let u know what is goin' on and what our friends doin' and their latest updates. our friends here could be bands, clothing labels, organizer and such other communities and you guys! so help us by giving some info and anythin that we can share among us. we will help to spread them out and everybody knows them as well. it could happen with your supports and encourages. ;) somehow, we are still new and have nothing to do yet instead of making some promotion about our lovely friends and a band as well, RIVERNATION.peace ya.salam hormat

salam buat rakan semua. kami dengan penuh hormat ingin menyampaikan kepada kalian bahawa muzikal malaya komuniti juga turut menjalankan aktiviti mengambil gambar dan membekalkan jurufoto bagi event/show/gig yang dilangsungkan. FYI, kami lebih fokus kepada kawasan2 di utara semenanjung dan kami juga berkolaberasi bersama Majalah KONSERT. Jadi, dalam masa yang sama kami akan turut sama membuat review untuk gig kalian untuk dimuatkan dalam majalah KONSERT. sebarkan mengenai kami kepada rakan2 anda dengan melayari Myspace kami untuk sebarang pertanyaan dan sebagainya.


specs: @ supporting any label in organizing events/gigs
@ writing (review & interview)
@ photography (events &bands photoshoot)
@ minor design work

YM :

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